Car LED Lighting

Your car deserves brighter and clearer lights while driving on the road. We carry Premium HIDs and LED Lighting for your vehicle for low beams, high beams, fog lights, and more. Clear signaling and trendy driving Light up your life with the high-tech feel and dazzling lighting that only Heise LEDs and Racesport Lighting will offer. Whether you are looking for a shiny, modern interior or an exterior head switch, Newport Sound is always on the leading edge of LED Lighting technology making a difference for all our customers. Upgraded lighting not only adds style and elegance to your car but also, makes driving conditions safer. 

Another great option to add more lighting is in the interior of your vehicle. We carry a wide variety of car lights and lighting accessories and colors to choose from with quality LED light installation for you. 


We can upgrade: Headlight Bulb Replacement, Tail Light Bulb Replacement, License Plate Light Bulb Replacement, Backup/Reverse Light Bulb Replacement, Brake Light Bulb Replacement, Dome Light Bulb Replacement, Fog Light Bulb Replacement, Trunk Light Bulb Replacement, and Turn Signal Bulb Replacement.

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