LED Lightbars & Pods

LED off-road vehicle lights are intended to provide intense lighting for any form of vehicle that may drive on or off paved or gravel surfaces. We have several forms of off-road LED light bars, ranging from popular commercial vehicles such as off-road truck lights and SUVs, off-road vehicles such as ATV buggies, and dune buggies, to military vehicles such as Jeep and Hummer. Our selection of LED light bars includes LED lights for trucks, jeep light bars, & more. We carry Driving Lights, fog lights, light pods, light bars, auxiliary lights, off light wiring and switches, dual row led light bar, single row led light bar from 2″ to 55″ in size with Bright, Durable LED Lights 

Find our best fitting light bars for your vehicle today at Newport Sound. Using Heise LED and Racesport lighting brands are among the Highest Quality Lighting and accessories you will find On The Market. Ask our LED Lighting Experts at Newport Sound to help you choose the right lighting package for your vehicle today! 


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