Marine Crossovers

Crossovers allocate your music into high, low, and midrange frequency ranges. The functionality of a cross over is guiding highs to your tweeters, low bass to your subwoofer, and highs to your tweeters.1-channel “mono” amps are designed for subwoofer functions, and they operate for a wide variety of 

Impedances and have bass maximization tone controls and filters. The crossover also comes available for 3-way component speakers systems, those systems that use tweeters, midrange drivers and subwoofers, include “bandpass” filters, in addition to high- and low-pass filters, play frequencies between two points by using both a high-pass and low-pass in the same filter network.


Our most popular cross overs are JL Audio CR-1 active subwoofer crossover & Rockford Fosgate 

Punch Pro 8-Ohm Passive Crossover

Get everything you need for your boat marine audio here at Newport sound in Costa Mesa. 

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