Radar Detector & Laser Jammer

Radar detectors help prevent you from getting speeding tickets. With a radar and laser detector, you’re already aware of the incoming police presence long before you see it. This advance awareness stops you from making any impulsive action that may put you or other drivers at risk.

Benefits of Radar Protection:- Radar jamming devices and gadgets that disrupt police technology aren’t legal in most places, which makes it much more difficult to stop laser detectors.

How does it work? A radar and laser detector notifies you every time a cop tries to check your speed using a radar gun. This handy warning device allows you to slow down long before the police can confirm that you are speeding.


Our most popular is The ESCORT MAX 360c, the first driver alert system designed for your car. It offers bright directional arrows so you can clearly identify the threat source’s location. Radar Detector, Laser Detector, Detection System.


Installation ?

Custom-installed Detectors are the Best Defense

  1. We strategically place laser shifters that can pick up on when a laser (or LIDAR) has been shot at the vehicle. They instantly fire back powerful beams of light at the laser gun, not letting it get a reading on you.
  2. We can also add a rear laser jammer shifter to your car, truck or SUV. While the laser is shot at the front of a vehicle, many are also targeted from the rear, you are covered.

3. Do you own an Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Tesla, or Porsche? Our team are certified and authorized radar and laser detector specialists in this area and they are well versed in working on upscale vehicle models. We understand the proper way to integrate with these advanced electrical systems, as well as the right way to disassemble and reassemble them. When you get a custom-installed laser and radar detector from us, the finished product will look factory-installed.


Escort MAX 360c


Escort iXc


Escort Radar MAX 360


Escort Redline 360c


Escort iXc M1

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