Sound Dampening

If you’re here you probably heard about deadening the sound or sound treatment. Sound deadening works by applying soft materials like mats or foam to your car’s metal surfaces to absorb and help block undesired noise. Where is the Noise coming from? Typically the noise that interferes with your audio system comes from your tires, exhaust, engine, wind, and the road’s unpleasant shakes and rattles. We got the perfect solution to eliminate this issue!

Here at Newport sound, we use Vibration-absorbing materials from the best brands on the market such as:

  1. Dynamat

  2. Hushmat

  3. Focal Bam Mat 

  4. Sound Skins 

  5. Stinger Roadkill 


EASILY Sound Treat your Car for Better Sound

Our selective options of premium quality sound treatment/sound deadening solutions allow you to dramatically reduce road noise and vibrations, making your car soundproof for optimum audio quality. Installing sound dampening your car with little or fewer noise levels makes it easy for you to drive quietly, peacefully, and listen to your music comfortably.

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