System Tuning

Enjoy your drive with concert-quality music.

At Newport sound, Our goal is to give you an exceptional musical experience to enhance your drive. We sell a wide range of DSP (Digital Sound Processor) system tuning car audio packages and HiFi sound system configurations to fit the plug n’ play setups on your vehicle. Sound tuning technology has evolved over the years. Many Audiophiles can get their premium car audio sound system in providing maximum audio performance. Does tuning HiFi sound in your car make a difference? What does a DSP do car audio? We get these questions every day. 

System Tuning DSP is a state-of-the-art digital signal processor engineered to deliver world-class system audio tuning well-balanced, clear sound. The best way to achieve acoustical and concert-like sound is with a quality DSP amplifier or DSP processor.


With an EQ, that means analyzing different frequencies and boosting or reducing them. The signal output (the music played by the speakers) is different from the signal input (the music saved in the file). 

Signal Testing – Sound Configuration – Channel Routing –

Time alignment – Filter Settings — Equalizing

We put that to good use of our audio tuning by adding advanced digital signal processing with complex algorithms to control timing down to the millisecond. And when we make these upgrades, we do it with absolutely no fuss on a laptop; changes that apply instantly. 



* Audison bit Drive – bit One HD, bit Ten and bit Ten D processors, Thesis, Voce and the Prima bit amplifiers

* JL AUDIO TüN™ – JL Audio’s DSP tuning software tune and control your VXi amplifier and other JL Audio DSP products. A popular item is TwK-88 / TwK-D8 / FiX™ processors

* Alpine PXE-0850S amplifier/processor 8-channel car amplifier with digital signal processing — 25 watts RMS x 8

* MOSCONI GLADEN sound processor – MOSCONI Gladen DSP Mosconi Gladen 4 To 6 Channels Digital Signal Processor – DSP4TO6 or Mosconi Gladen DSP 6TO8 Pro Digital Signal Processor. 

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